Using a third party software developer can have positive benefits on your existing staff. Here’s how:

  • Bridging the skills gap – When you have a new feature, product, or R&D project that lies just beyond the skill levels of your team, the right third party partner can not only get the job done, but can build up your team in the process. Hiring a staff member with the skills needed might not make sense if the project is not long-term. Training your staff on what is needed might not make sense either. There are risks involved in pulling staff off projects to ramp up their skills. Customer service can suffer while they are out training. Or the learning curve is just too steep for the time constraints. Choosing a compatible third party partner avoids these cost risks, while providing you a partner with the technical skills already in place. They can work with your team to understand your products, services and company culture. And, during the process, they can teach your team the new technology by giving them small tasks on the project that they can handle without their job functions suffering. Your team can be engaged, part of the process, and learn a new skill with less risk.
  • Resource shortages – Let’s say you’ve just won a large contract and you need some new people to see it through. The thought of going through the HR process, while getting the new project off the ground would be a lot to juggle. Hiring the right people doesn’t often happen quickly and then the ramp-up time for them to get settled and going in their new position can take weeks. Having a third party development team take on the project avoids the costs and risks associated with a new-hire. A third party development company will typically have one point of contact. You only need to learn the personality of one person and they will manage their team. They make sure their team has the skills for the project, they manage the staff involved. You can carry on with your work.
  • The project is boring – Every project is not exciting. Have you ever encountered a really boring project? Unfortunately, there are boring projects that are critical to your company, perhaps something that is needed for gaining new customers. It’s only a one or two person task, but nobody wants to do it. Core products are generally more fun, more challenging, and seen as career boosters. That’s the stuff everyone wants to do. Guess what? A third party developer would be happy to work on this kind of project, because they are happy to help you gain new customers. Because you are their customer, they’ll provide you top level service and they want to see you succeed. The third party company won’t pass off your project or let it take second place to more exciting things. They can adjust to the ebbs and flows of the project needs with enthusiasm.

Using a third party software development team to bridge skills gaps, cover workloads in times of shortage, and handle the dull stuff not only saves you money, but will give your already existing team an encouraging boost. When they see that you care about their job success, overall productivity and attitude are stronger.