About Us

Big Bear Software Inc. was created 13 years ago, in Calgary, Alberta. The vision of the company was to write ethical, quality, customer driven custom software. Over the years, we have helped build worldwide deployed software products from scratch, been integrated into large software teams working on critical engineering applications and have been support teams to companies that have a skills gap. We have thrived on complex, seemingly impossible projects that others would not attempt. We have solved performance issues in large multi-threaded networked applications, and managed large-scale quality improvement projects. We also have a history of working with start-ups and are very involved in the start-up community and understand the challenges of building a product and a company. We also have a talented Graphics Design and Web team to build modern, responsive websites both small and large. We are a technical partner that understands what are clients want in the short and the long term and can deliver results where large companies often cannot.

Keith MacIntyre, P. Eng.

Keith MacIntyreOur Founder, Keith MacIntyre has been writing software since he was a child beginning with some of the first home personal computers in the 1980’s. He graduated from the University of Alberta with an Electrical Engineering Degree in 1998 and entered the software industry after graduation. He quickly became a key software developer at General Dynamics Canada redeveloping election preparation and tabulation software for touch-screen voting systems used in numerous US elections. He has twice been the first employee for two start-ups that grew into successful 30+ person companies. He has personally written military tactical simulators used for training in the Middle East, chemical and nuclear disaster simulators used by the US Army, a pandemic flu simulator used by the Center for Disease Control, and many other products and systems. He has been running Big Bear Software Inc. for 13 years, 6 of those from Penticton. He is an active member of the community have been an executive member of JCI Penticton, a Director on the Chamber of Commerce, and ran in a municipal election for School Trustee, finding a balance between, work, community and raising his two sons. He does not often code anymore, instead focusing on the growth of the company, leadership, and client satisfaction.