Chances are, you know already if you have a project that could really use a fresh set of eyes to assess it. But perhaps you’ve not done anything about it yet. And that’s understandable. Your team has been dedicated and working hard on it for years. At the beginning, the technology was fresh, but over the years your team has gotten used to doing things one way and they simply don’t have time to learn new skills to bring the technology available into the project.

A third party consulting company can be the answer you’re looking for to get this project feeling fresh again. Because third party developers work with multiple clients across varying types of projects, they have the advantage of exposure to multiple processes, technologies, and differing ways of doing things.  Often in a daily stand-up meeting a software developer will describe something they found to solve a problem for one client and someone else realizes it has application to their client as well. Third party clients get the benefit of others’ knowledge without actively searching for it.

Maybe you are having performance problems, architecture problems, or some features just aren’t getting completed. The third party developer can look at it without any bias and with 100% focus and analyze it with fresh eyes. Their recommendations can be just what is needed to get your stalled project moving again.